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Deckmill is the one-stop shop for high-quality, affordable flashcards. We simplified language learning back to its most vital element: knowing useful sentences.

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Why Deckmill?

Anki flashcards are the most effective tool for language learning. However, finding good flashcards is hard: most decks are either low quality or way too expensive.
That's why we built Deckmill.

High-Quality Flashcards for Language Learning

High quality

Our 3000 flashcards (per language) are hand curated and reviewed by native speakers. And they all have top notch audio so you can learn perfect pronunciation.

Learn Useful Sentences with Anki Flashcards

Useful sentences

Choose from beginner, intermediate and advanced decks. Learn useful and natural sounding expressions that you can actually use in daily life (we are looking at you, Duolingo).

Cheap Flashcards for Language Learning


Language learning should be affordable for everyone. Pay one small price to access our flashcards in all languages forever — including any new decks we add later. Yes, really.

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