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Decades of research show that flashcards are one of the most effective tools for language learning. However, designing high quality flashcards is no easy task: effective cards must contain sentences that increase smoothly in difficulty and are useful in day-to-day contexts. That's where our flashcards come in.

We designed a sequence of 3000 flashcards that allows you master a language in record time. Starting with simple sentences in the present tense, our cards gradually introduce new vocabulary and verb tenses. With just 20 minutes of practice a day, our decks will dramatically boost your language skills with actually useful sentences.

Learning sentences is great, but understanding spoken language is just as important. That is why Deckmill flashcards also include audio recordings of the sentences, allowing you to develop listening skills in the language you want to learn.

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We offer decks with three difficulties that will help you wherever you are in your language learning journey. Check examples from our beginner, intermediate and advanced decks below!