Frequently Asked Questions

Help! I don't know how to use your flashcards.

Check our Getting Started page. If you are still experiencing issues please reach out to us at [email protected].

Can you add flashcards for language X?

At the moment we have plans to expand Deckmill to Russian, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese. But please let us know through email ([email protected]) which other languages you'd like to see added!

Will I get access to future new decks if I pay now?

Yes! When you purchase a membership you get lifetime access to our content, including any new decks.

Why do you use Anki?

We believe Anki is by far the best flashcard software out there. Not only is it free, but it uses a scientifically-backed spaced repetition algorithm that maximizes retention.

Where are the sentences from?

Almost all sentences are from the wonderful Tatoeba dataset, released under a CC-BY License.